Online Hot Ink coder for VFFS or HFFS


Hot Ink roll coding machine is an intermittent motion coder, easy to operate and install. Compare with ribbon coder, the hot ink roll coding machine greatly simplifies the consumables change, decreases the downtime and saves the cost per print. It is best alternative coding option in to compare Ribbon/ hot foil printer and pneumatic ink systems coder. The LED display and industrial film keys are easy to operate and monitor the temperature and
delay printing.The intelligent temperature-protect function makes the machine run only when reaching the proper temperature. The preheating system largely decreases the downtime.


Model : SP – 900
Printing Lines: T-type (axial) up to 13 lines, max. 15 characters per line
Font Size : R-type (radial) up to 8 lines, max. 13 characters per line
T-type 1.5 mm,2.0 mm,2.5 mm
Cycle Rate : up to 600 prints/ minute
Surface Speed : up to 50 meters/ minute
Control Box : LCD display
Ink Roll Required : Ⲫ36×32 mm, Ⲫ36×40 mm
Electrical : ACIOOV—AC230 Hz
Power : 140W,2A Fuse
Weight : Print Head 4kg Control Box 2kg
Dimensions : Print Head : 94mm*100mm*166mm(LxWxH)
Control Box : 180mm*190mm*96mm(LxWxH)

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