Shape Pouch Auto Filling & Sealing Machine


The hot ink roller coding machines are used for batch printing or date coding , it can be easily installed on vertical and horizontal packaging machies. It can prints 600 impression /per minute and can match the film speed uop to 50 mtr/ min . Driven by the inside motor , adopts our companies own friction technology to gurantee the high legible printing . with stable quality, it can automatically trace the packing speed to make sure the coherence of the Printing position.


Model : PS-901 
Print Area : 4lines
Print Speed : up to 80 prints/min
Print Lines : T- type<4Iines, Maximum 20 characters I line
Font size : T-type character 3.5mm (Height) x 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm (Width)
Control Box : LED display
Ink Roll Size : Ⲫ36X32, Ⲫ36X40 (mm)
Electrical Requirements : Ac220 ±10V, 50/60 Hz, 2A, 130W
Working Temperature 4°C-40°C, 10%-95% humidity
Weight Print Head – 4.0kg Control Box- 1.5kg

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